This is how you set up the setPOS platform for the first use

  1.  Email us and we will provide you with a download link for our mapsoftware during trialperiod.–>
  2.  Make initial setup for your account, companyID, passwords e.t.c.
  3. Set your own type and status messages.. a.k.a.  type=Container 20ft, Container 30 ft… Status= empty, delivered, full, collected ….
  4. Download the setPOS app from Google play or Itunes
  5. Make initial app setup, use companyID created above.
  6. Start the app to send information to the mapserver
  7. Login to the mapsoftware and follow your assets movments and events online on a map .
Email us questions how to use the software, or suggestions on improvements are also welcome 🙂 or 
The developer team at