Introducing smart, mobile asset management.

setPOS provides a cost-effective solution for automatic identification of your physical assets and set the curent location. Just scan them with a smartphone – like the one you might already own. Available for Apple iOS and Google Android.

Where was that Container or inspection performed?  Where was that harness last located?  With Field ID’s on your assets , you can use your phone with GPS capabilities to report ID, GPS, time, who, when  and you can see exactly where an inspection or container last was performed or handled. All details available on GoogleMap at your fingertips.  Field ID gives you the assurance in knowing that inspections and audits were actually done onsite.

setPOS  can use cell tower triangulation or the device’s GPS to record the exact location of your assets at the time of each scan. setPOS is built on the industry-standard CSV format, so integration with your existing back-end software is dead simple. Just import your current database of inventory with one click.