Whether a hospital, an auto dealership, a construction company or any number of other businesses with large amounts of capital invested in mobile assets, know immediately when an asset goes missing, has reached or exceeded its threshold value, or it’s current status (e.g. on/off, temperature, missing, OK, etc.) by utilizing the setPOS app that provides wireless reporting capabilities for Asset Monitoring.  Fixed or mobile, a myriad of assets need to be monitored for regulatory compliance, security, national defense, operational efficiencies or just peace of mind. Whether you are monitoring a Hazmat shipment on a truck or railroad car, the location of a construction trailer, a shipping container, ATM machine, refrigeration unit, air conditioning  compressor or any other powered valuable asset The setPOS team has developed a wireless solution that can be used by asset managers who want to know instantly when an asset changes state or moved to a new location.

Wireless Solutions for Rental Equipment Tracking or Asset Monitoring

Do you have valuable rental tools and assets you would like to keep track of? Saws? Drills? Grinders? Routers? Hammers? Tool Boxes? Welders? Generators?  setPOS provides a way to track the usage of your tools and equipment usings the setPOS app . Save money by being able to track your rental equipment.